Previous Oral Presenters

The MEDLIFE series of conferences have come to all successful conclusions for six sessions, and many authors made oral presentations at the conference.

The following is the information of some previous oral presenters:

  • Li Bin

    Speech Topic: Parp14 Inhibited The Inflammatory Activation of Microglia After Ischemic Stroke

  • Han Ying

    Speech Topic: Prevalence and Influencing Factors of Social Isolation Among Community Elderly in Tangshan City

  • Zhang Weining

    Speech Topic: Effects of the Interaction Between Six Air Pollutants and Temperature on Daily Mortality from Respiratory Diseases

  • Nan Jiale

    Speech Topic: Surgical Procedure Long Terms Recognition Incorporating Structural Feature

  • Liu Xiaoyan

    Speech Topic: Competing Endogenous RNA Analysis Reveals the Regulatory Potency of FUT6 in HNSC

  • Zhao Minjie

    Speech Topic: Policy Analysis of Information Technology Assisting COVID-19 Prevention and Control from the Perspective of Policy Instruments in China

  • Bing Yifan

    Speech Topic: Study on the Effective Components of Schisandra Chinensis for Astringent Lung and Benefiting Kidney and Development of Functional Product

  • Zheng Junyi

    Speech Topic: Potential Risk Factors for Case Fatality Rate of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in China: A Pooled Analysis of Individual Patient Data

  • Shen Yiwei

    Speech Topic: Study of Alcoholic Bone Remodeling Based on Oxidative Stress-autophagy Mechanism and Intervention of Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Zhang Zhao

    Speech Topic: A Study of Subjective Cognitive Decline and Subclinical Depression Based on Dynamic Network Connectivity of Cerebral fMRI Data

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